Tandy (TRS-80) Color Computer Games

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April 4th, 2007 special feature: Last Ninja in action - Screenshots and movie clip of the Coco 3 version of Last Ninja (unfinished, unreleased) in action! Taken at the Chicago CocoFest 2007 on April 2. Thanks, Allen Huffman!

Last Ninja screenshot Last Ninja screenshot #2 Last Ninja movie clip of game in action - viewable with Quicktime, commentary by Allen.

New! - Alternate indexes (these are works in progress):
Timeline index - view game releases by year
Author index - view game releases by author
Publisher index - view game releases by publisher
Official Licensed and Cross Platform index - view games that were released for multiple platforms, or officially licensed versions. NOTE: GRAPHICS INTENSIVE
Clone index - view games that are clones of arcade games - NOTE: GRAPHICS INTENSIVE

January 17, 2016:

Total of 481 games listed, 137 available for download.
—Added Space War. First update in quite awhile, but I finally snuck one in!

June 23, 2014:

Total of 480 games listed, 137 available for download.
—Replaced intro screen for Marble Maze with non-hacked version (Thanks, John Soule!)

June 26, 2013:

Total of 480 games listed, 137 available for download.
--Added Harvey Brofman Disk Collection.

May 30, 2013:

Total of 480 games listed, 137 available for download.
--Updated following games: Contras (added screenshots), Bridge Tutor, Cyrus, Football, Cuthbert Goes Walkabout, Reactoid, Shaft (add author's names).

May 28, 2013:

Total of 480 games listed, 137 available for download.
--Updated following games: Dunkey Munkey - added source code, both in DSK and text formats.

May 20, 2013:

Total of 480 games listed, 137 available for download.
--Updated following games: Blochead, Rail Runner, Storm (added author's name).

May 12, 2013:

Total of 480 games listed, 137 available for download.
--Added following games:Cyborg Wars.
--Updated following games: F-16 Assault, Gantelet (added more screenshots).

May 10, 2013:

NOTE: some games went missing (apparently months ago when I moved the site to a different server), so I have added them back in. This includes some new games, some new downloads, some new collections, and some new clones.

May 7, 2013:

Total of 479 games listed, 137 available for download.
--Updated following games: Death Trap (added graphic of the entire maze).

June 3, 2011:


Total of 479 games listed, 137 available for download.
--Added following games: Calixto Island (graphic version) (includes download), Sea Search (Sea Quest) (includes download), Shenanigans (includes download), The Black Sanctum (graphic version) (includes download), The Vortex Factor (includes download), Trekboer (includes download).
--Added Bob Withers and Stephen O'Dea Disk Collection.

March 26, 2008:

--Updated Clone index (added Rastan,Scramble,Venture).

April 28, 2007:

-- Total of 473 games listed, 136 available for download.
--Added following games:Nova Pinball, Rally.
--Updated Clone index (added Crash!).

April 26, 2007:

-- Total of 471 games listed, 136 available for download.
--Added following games:Nibbler, Shaft.
--Updated following games: Cuber (added author's name), Defense (added possible author's name), Gold Runner (fixed some level screenshots that were missing/duplicated), Mind-Roll (in game screenshots fixed), NewBurt (added level 3 screenshot), Super Pitfall (fixed colors on 1 screenshot, added another screenshot).

April 23, 2007:

-- Total of 469 games listed, 136 available for download.
--Added following games:Gridiron Strategy.
--Updated following games: Offender (now includes download).
--Updated Clone index (added Mr. Do).

April 17, 2007:

-- Total of 468 games listed, 135 available for download.
--Added following games:Color Scarfman, Digger, Keys of The Wizard.
--Updated following games: Frogger (now includes author's name), New Burt (now includes download), Ninja Warrior (now includes download & additional screenshots).
--Updated Disk Collections: Added Michael Robert's and Charles Forsythe disk collections.
--Updated Clone index (added Millipede).

April 15, 2007:

-- Total of 465 games listed, 133 available for download.
--Added following games:Eliminator, Fighter Pilot (includes download).
--Updated following games: Airline (includes download), Crazy Painter (added later level screenshots), Electron (fixed publisher), Fourcube (added publishing year and publisher).
--Updated Disk Collections: Added Roger Schrag's Arcade game disk collection.
--Updated Clone index (added 1942, Food Fight, Monaco GP).

April 11, 2007:

-- Total of 463 games listed, 131 available for download.
--Added following games:Graphic Pyramid, Lunar Lander (includes download).
--Updated following games: 3-D Brickaway (added in game screenshot).
--Updated Clone index (added Bosconian).
--Updated Timeline index (added Greg Zumwalt version of Lunar Lander).
Moved 2006 entries onto old updates page.

April 8, 2007:

Some minor cleanups that I had in queue today...

-- Total of 461 games listed, 130 available for download.
--Updated following games: Bedlam (added 2nd screenshot), Poltergeist (added level 3 screenshot), Pooyan (added screenshot of loading screen original Datasoft tape version), Rush 'n Assault (corrected which arcade game it was a clone of).
--Updated Clone index (Deleted Commando, replace with Ikari Warriors) - thanks to Eric Vermette for pointing out that Rush 'n Assault is a clone of of Ikari Warriors, not Commando.

April 4, 2007:

-- Total of 461 games listed, 130 available for download.
--Added following games:Escape (includes download).
--Updated Disk Collections: Added Mike Hughey Disk collection, updated Ken Kalish disk collection.
--Updated Clone index (added Omega Race)

April 1, 2007:

-- Total of 460 games listed, 129 available for download.
--Added following games:Athletyx (includes download), Donkey Kong (includes download).
--Updated following games: Grabber (now includes more screenshots and download), Junior's Revenge (now includes author's name), Major Istar - Under The Doomed Sea (now includes author's name), Return of Junior's Revenge (now includes speculation of author's name), War Monger (now includes download).
--Updated Clone index (added Donkey Kong)

March 15, 2007:

-- Total of 458 games listed, 125 available for download.
--Added following games: Graphic Mars.
--Updated following games: Wizard's Den (now includes download).
--Updated Clone index (added Asteroids, Crystal Castles, Donkey Kong Jr.).

March 12, 2007:

-- Total of 457 games listed, 124 available for download.
--Added following games: Blackbeard's Island (includes download).
--Updated Clone index (added Amidar, Carnival, Columns).

March 8, 2007:

-- Total of 456 games listed, 123 available for download.
--Added following games: Pac-Tac version 2, Silpheed, Snak Pac.
--Updated Official Licensed and Cross Platform index (added Pengon & Silpheed to Cross platform index).

March 6, 2007:

-- Total of 453 games listed, 123 available for download.
--Added following games: Z-89.
--Updated Clone index (added Zaxxon).

March 2, 2007:

-- Total of 452 games listed, 123 available for download.
--Added following games: Sub Battle Simulator.
--Updated following games: Tut's Tomb (now includes screenshots for the first 6 screens).
--Updated Clone index (added Burgertime, Circus and Karate Champ).

February 25, 2007:

-- Total of 451 games listed, 123 available for download.
--Added following games: Rush'N Assault (includes download).
--Updated following games: Bash (now includes Coco 3 version screenshots), Lunar Lander (updated which issue of Rainbow it appeared in).
--Updated Clone index (added Commando).

Click here to see a list of older updates.

This page is dedicated to all Coco games (Coco 1, 2 or 3) put out by any publisher, including PD and shareware releases. I have tried to document some information on each (if I know of anything... if anybody out there has additional information on particular games, please email me, and I will update the information page).

This page is in alphabetical order, and each link will take you to a page dedicated to that particular game title. There are usually at least two screenshots: one of the opening title/credits screen, and one of the game in action. Also listed will be system requirements, publishing date (year), the publisher and/or author (if known), and then a general description of the game. Occasionally, there will be tips/tricks for the game as well, and if the game has been released publically by the author, a download link will be provided as well.

Please note: in order to get some of the screenshots, I have had to use hacked (or cracked) versions of the games. If anybody can get 'clean' versions of the screenshots (particularily title screens) using either emulators or a real Coco, please email attach them to me using the email link above. I would prefer to get screenshots in either GIF or PNG format, so that color's stay consistent (JPEG's are notorious for introducing 'extra' shading, etc. on these normally small amount of color screenshots).

If you are the author of any of this software, and you wish to release the programs publically so that any current/ex Coco owners can play all the games that they saw advertised in their youth, please email me to let me know, and if your program(s) is one of the ones that was hacked, please attach a proper version if possible. I would much rather devote these pages to the authors, not the people who broke their programs. I believe someone else is setting up a 'hackers' page to show some of the colorful names, etc. that hackers used, but I am not directly involved in that project. Even if you are not willing to release the game, if you want to contribute any special notes, concering the game's concept, development, little hidden tricks, etc., please do so.

A note: some of the download games are archived, mainly to both save space, and to keep multi-file games together. If you find *.ARC file for Disk Extended BASIC (DECB or RS-DOS are other popular names for it), then you will need to download the TC3.BIN program as well, to extract the files.

If you are getting an OS-9/NitrOS9 game, it will be archived with either AR (extension .AR) or LHA (extension .LZH). AR is a stand alone program, but LHA is actually two files. You can download these below, if you do not have them already.

Download TC3.BIN (Program to extract .ARC files for RS-DOS).

Download AR (You will have to rename it) (OS-9/NitrOS9 program to extract .AR files - remember to use ATTR AR E PE after saving on an OS-9 disk, in the CMDS directory!)

Download LHA (you will have to rename it), Download XLH (You will have to rename it) (OS-9/NitrOS9 programs to extract .LZH files - remember to use ATTR LHA E PE, and ATTR XLH E PE after saving both programs in your CMDS directory on an OS-9 disk!)

If you are downloading ZIP files (which will usually contain .DSK image files), and you want to extract them on your Coco using OS-9 or NitrOS9, you will need at least 256K of RAM, and two programs installed in your CMDS directory: UNZIP, and FUNZIP (You will have to rename them from *.bin yourself). Set the execution attributes on both of these programs, and then use UNZIP to extract files (FUNZIP is a subroutine package for UNZIP; don't run that program directly).

P.S.: Many thanks to the following people who have contributed information in some way to this page:
John Kowalski, Richard Kelly, Ken Kalish, Ron Krebs, Doug Kelley, Brian O'Neill, L. Miller, Stephen Macri, Mike Burton, Kevin Derby, Greg Helton, Nickolas Marentes, Charles Price, Jim Peasley, Jeffrey Lampert, Steve Hartford, Chet Simpson, David Bush, David Shadoff, Rob Lech, Troy Dahlman, Jim Kearney, J. Weaver Jr., Daron Stinnett, Rick Lamont, John Strong, Jim Hurd, Scott Adams, Sylvain Payeur, David Crandall, Mike Hughey, Bill Sethares, Dave Dies, Jeff Noyle, Steven Hirsch, Harvey Brofman, Leo Christopherson, Ottmar Bochardt, Bob Crispen, Craig Stewart, David Clark, Charles Forsythe, Charles A. Husack, Matt Harper, Roland Knight, Roger Schrag, Tim Kientzle, Darren DeLoach, Lance Micklus, Greg Zumwalt, Brian Palmer, Jeremy Spiller, Greg Miller and anybody else I have forgotten.

See a list of emails releasing Coco game software... and, in some cases, some tips into the development/background of the games from the author's themselves!

The Coco Games List:

Game Title (Machine required)

3-D BRICKAWAY (Coco 1/2/3)
3-D GHOST (Coco 1/2/3)
8-Ball (Coco 1/2/3)
Able Builders (Coco 1/2/3)
Advanced Star Trench Warfare (Coco 1/2/3)
Adventure in Mythology (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Adventure in Wonderland (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Airline (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Alcatraz II (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3 Extended Basic)
A Mazing World of Malcom Mortar (Coco 3 ONLY)
Androne (Coco 1/2/3)
Android Attack (Originally called Robot Battle) (Coco 1/2/3)
Annihilator (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Apollo (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Apples (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Arcadia (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Arena of Skill (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Arex (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Arkanoid (Coco 1/2/3)
Astro Blast (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Alcatraz II (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3 Extended Basic)
Athletyx (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Audio Spectrum Analyzer (Coco 1/2 ONLY)
Avenger (Coco 1/2/3)
Backgammon (Coco 1/2/3)
Bagasaurus (Coco 1/2/3)
Bagitman (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Balloon Attack (Coco 1/2/3)
Balloon Fire (Coco 1/2/3)
Bash (Coco 1/2/3-special features on Coco 3)
Body (Bawdy) Parts (Coco 1/2/3)
BC Bill (Coco 1/2/3)
Beam (Coco 1/2/3)
Beam Rider (Coco 1/2/3)
Bedlam (Coco 1/2/3)
Berserk (later called Haywire) (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Blackbeard's Island (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Beyond the Cimeeon Moon (Coco 1/2/3)
Bingo Math (Coco 1/2/3)
Birds (Coco 1/2/3)
Blackjack (Coco 1/2/3)
Blackjack Royale (Coco 1/2/3)
Blochead (Coco 1/2/3)
Blox (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Bouncing Boulders (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Boxshoot (Coco 1/2/3)
Brew Master (Coco 1/2/3)
Brick Pong (Coco 1/2/3)
Bridge Tutor I (Coco 1/2/3)
Bugs (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Bumpers (Coco 1/2/3)
Buzzard Bait (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Buzzworm (Coco 1/2/3)
Caladuril: Flame of Light (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Calixto Island (graphic version) (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Candy Co. (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Canyon Climber (Coco 1/2/3)
Cards And Slots (Coco 3 ONLY)
Cashman (Coco 1/2/3)
Castle Guard (Coco 1/2/3)
Castle of Tharoggad (Coco 3 ONLY)
Catacomb (Oregon Computer Systems) (Coco 1/2/3)
Catacomb (L. Miller) (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Catalyst (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Caterpillar (Dave Edson) (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Caterpillar (David Crandall) (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Caterpiller Cave (Coco 1/2/3)
Catch 'Em (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Cave Hunter (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2 ONLY)
Cave Walker (Coco 1/2/3)
Caviator (Coco 1/2/3)
CC-Thello (Coco 1/2/3)
Chambers (Coco 1/2/3)
Champion (Coco 1/2/3)
C-Hawk Football (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Checker King (Coco 1/2/3)
Chess SD (Coco 1/2/3)
Chopper Rescue (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Chopper Strike (Coco 1/2/3)
Civil War (Coco 1/2/3)
Clowns & Balloons (Coco 1/2/3)
Coco-Pinball (Coco 1/2/3)
Contras (512K Coco 3 ONLY)
Color Baseball (Coco 1/2/3)
Color Car Action (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Color Caterpillar (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Color Cubes (Coco 1/2/3)
Color Invaders (Coco 1/2/3)
Colorpede (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Colorout (Coco 1/2/3)
Color Robot Battle (Coco 1/2/3)
Color Scarfman (Coco 1/2/3)
Color Space Invaders (Coco 1/2/3)
Color-Trek (Coco 1/2/3)
Colorzap (Coco 1/2/3)
Cosmic Ambush (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Cosmic Clones (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Crash (Coco 1/2/3)
Crazy Painter (Coco 1/2/3)
Crosswords (Coco 1/2/3)
Crystal City (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Crystle Castles (Coco 1/2/3)
Cuber (Coco 1/2/3)
Cubix (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Cuthbert Goes Digging (Coco 1/2/3)
Cuthbert In The Mines (Coco 1/2/3)
Cuthbert Goes Walkabout (Coco 1/2/3)
Cyber Tank (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2 ONLY)
Cyrus (Coco 1/2/3)
Dallas Quest (Coco 1/2/3)
Dancing Devil (Coco 1/2/3)
Danger Ranger (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Deathship (Coco 1/2/3)
Death Trap (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Decathlon (Spectral Associates) (Coco 1/2/3)
Defense (Coco 1/2/3)
Demolition Derby (Coco 1/2/3)
Demon Attack (Coco 1/2/3)
Demon Seed (Coco 1/2/3)
Desert Patrol (Coco 1/2/3)
Desert Rider (Coco 1/2/3)
Devil Assault (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Devious (Coco 1/2/3)
Dig (Coco 1/2/3)
Digger (Coco 3 ONLY)
Dinowars (Coco 1/2/3)
Donkey King (The King) (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Donkey Kong (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Donpan (Coco 1/2/3)
Donut Dilemma (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Doodle Bug (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Doubleback (Coco 1/2/3)
Downland (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2 ONLY-download is patched to run on Coco 3 as well)
Draconian (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Dragonblade (Coco 1/2/3)
Dragonfire (Coco 1/2/3)
Dragon Slayer (Coco 1/2/3)
Draw Poker (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Dr. Livingston (Coco 1/2/3)
Droll Attack (Coco 1/2/3)
Dungeon Raid (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Dunkey Munkey (Includes download, and source code download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Dungeons of Daggorath (Coco 1/2/3)
El Bandito (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
El Diablero (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Electron (Coco 1/2/3)
Eliminator (Coco 1/2/3)
Erland (Coco 1/2/3)
Escape (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Escape 2012 (Coco 1/2/3)
Eye-Spy (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
F-16 Assault (Coco 1/2/3)
Facemaker (Coco 1/2/3)
Fangman (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Fembots Revenge (Coco 1/2/3)
Fighter Pilot (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Firecopter (Coco 1/2/3)
Fire One (Coco 3 ONLY)
Fish (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Flight Simulator I (Coco 1/2/3)
Flippy (Coco 1/2/3)
Fly By (Coco 1/2/3)
Foodwar (Coco 1/2/3)
Football (Coco 1/2/3)
Force Field (Coco 1/2/3)
Fortress of the Mutant Waffles (Coco 1/2/3)
Fourcube (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Fraction Fever (Coco 1/2/3)
Frogger (Coco 1/2/3)
Frog Trek (Coco 1/2/3)
Fruit Multi-Bars Slot Machine (Coco 3 ONLY)
Fury (Coco 1/2/3)
Fyr-Draca (Coco 1/2 ONLY)
Galactic Attack (Coco 1/2/3)
Galactic Fighter (Coco 1/2/3)
Galactic Taipan (Coco 1/2/3)
Galactic Trek (Coco 1/2/3)
Galagon (Coco 1/2/3)
Galax Attax (Coco 1/2/3)
Gantelet (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Gantelet II (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Gate Crasher (Includes demo download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Gazon (Coco 1/2/3)
Gems (Coco 3 ONLY)
GFL Championship Football II (Coco 1/2/3)
Germ Warfare (Coco 1/2/3)
Ghana Bwana (Coco 1/2/3)
Ghost Gobbler (Coco 1/2/3)
Gin Champion (Coco 1/2/3)
Glaxxons (Coco 1/2/3)
Gobbler (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Gold Runner (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Gold Runner II (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Gold Runner 2000 (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Golf (Aardvark) (Coco 1/2/3)
Gomoku and Renju (Coco 1/2/3)
Grabber (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Grand Prix (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Grand Prix Challenge (Coco 3 ONLY)
Graphic Mars (Coco 1/2/3)
Graphic Pyramid (Coco 1/2/3)
Green Berets (Coco 1/2/3)
Gremlml (Coco 1/2/3)
Greymoon (Coco 1/2/3)
Grid (Coco 1/2/3)
Gridiron Strategy (Coco 3 ONLY)
Guadal Canal (Coco 1/2/3)
Hall of the King (Coco 1/2/3)
Hall of the King II: The Inner Chambers (Coco 1/2/3)
Hall of the King III: The Earthstone Revealed (Coco 1/2/3)
Handball (Coco 1/2/3)
Hangman (Coco 1/2/3)
Haunted House (Coco 1/2/3)
Hopbopper (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Hyper Zone (Coco 1/2/3)
Ice Hockey (Coco 1/2/3)
Ice Master (Coco 1/2/3)
Instrument Flight Simulator (Coco 1/2/3)
Intercept 4 (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Invaders Revenge (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Iron Forest (Coco 3 ONLY with Sega Phaser Gun and Adaptor)
Junior's Revenge (Coco 1/2/3)
Junkfood (Coco 1/2 ONLY)
Kamikaze (Coco 1/2/3)
Karate (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Katerpillar Attack (Coco 1/2/3)
Keys Of The Wizard (Coco 1/2/3)
Kids on Keys (Coco 1/2/3)
Killer Mansion (Coco 1/2/3)
Kindercomp (Coco 1/2/3)
Kingpede (Coco 1/2/3)
Klendathu (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Knock Out (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Koronis Rift (Coco 3 ONLY)
Kron (Coco 1/2/3)
Kung-Fu Dude (Coco 1/2/3)
Kyum-Gai:To Be Ninja (Coco 3 ONLY)
La Belle Lucie Solitaire (Coco 3 ONLY)
Labyrinth (Coco 1/2/3)
Lancer (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Lander (Coco 1/2/3)
Lansford Mansion (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Leisure Suit Larry In the Land of the Lounge Lizards (Coco 3 ONLY)
Le Mans (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Liberty Ship (Coco 1/2/3)
Little Runner (Coco 1/2/3)
Lunar-Rover Patrol (Coco 1/2/3)
Lunar Lander (Greg Zumwalt) (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3 Extended BASIC)
Lunar Lander (Jeff Donze) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Lunchtime (Coco 1/2/3)
Madam Rosa's Massage Parlor (Coco 1/2/3)
Major Istar - Under the Doomed Sea (Coco 1/2/3)
Marathon (Coco 1/2/3)
Marble Maze (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Mars/Mars II (Coco 1/2/3)
Martian Crypt (Coco 1/2/3)
Medieval Madness (Coco 3 ONLY with Sega Phaser Gun and Adaptor)
Mega-Bug (Coco 1/2/3)
Megapede (Coco 1/2/3)
Meteoroids (Coco 1/2/3)
Microbes (Coco 1/2/3)
Microchess (Coco 1/2/3)
Mickey's Space Adventure (Coco 1/2/3)
Middle Kingdom (Coco 1/2/3)
Mind-Roll (Coco 1/2/3)
Mine Rescue (Coco 3 ONLY)
Miss Gobbler (Coco 1/2/3)
Missile Attack (Coco 1/2/3)
Mission Impossible (Coco 1/2/3)
Monkey Kong (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Monster Maze (Coco 1/2/3)
Montezumas Dungeons (Coco 1/2/3)
Moon Defense (Coco 3 ONLY)
Moon Flight (Coco 1/2/3)
Moon Hopper (Coco 1/2/3)
Moon Shuttle (Coco 1/2/3)
Morocco GP (Coco 1/2/3)
Mountain Pilot (Coco 1/2/3)
Mouse Maze (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Mr. Dig (Coco 1/2/3)
Ms. Maze (Coco 1/2/3)
Mudpies (Coco 1/2/3)
Nerble Force (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Neutroid II (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2 ONLY)
New Burt (Coco 1/2/3)
Nibbler (Coco 1/2/3)
Ninja Warrior (Coco 1/2/3)
Nova Pinball (Coco 1/2/3)
Nuclear Reactor Simulator (Coco 1/2/3)
Nuclear Submarine Adventure (Coco 1/2/3)
Offender (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
One on One (Coco 1/2/3)
Orbitron (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Outhouse (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
P-51 Mustang Attack Flight Simulator (Coco 1/2/3)
Pac-Tac (Coco 1/2 ONLY)
Pac-Tac Version 2 (Coco 1/2/3)
Pac-Tac II (Coco 1/2/3)
Pac Droids (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Pac-Dude (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Pac-Dude Monster Maze (Includes download!) (512K Coco 3 ONLY)
Pac Jaws (Coco 1/2/3)
Pack Maze (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Pac-Man (Includes demo download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Panic Button (Coco 1/2/3)
Panzer (Coco 1/2/3)
Paper Route (Coco 1/2/3)
Pegasus and the Phantom Riders (Coco 1/2/3)
Pelieti (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Pengon (Coco 1/2/3)
Phantom Slayer (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Pharoahs Curse (Coco 1/2/3)
Photon (Coco 3 ONLY)
Pinball Factory (Coco 1/2/3)
Pitfall II (Coco 1/2/3)
Pitstop II (Coco 1/2/3)
Planet Invasion (Coco 1/2/3)
Plateau of the Past (Coco 1/2/3)
Polaris (Coco 1/2/3)
Poltergeist (Coco 1/2/3)
Ponk (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Pooyan (Coco 1/2/3)
Popcorn (Coco 1/2/3)
Project Nebula (Coco 1/2/3)
Prospector (Coco 1/2/3)
Protectors (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Protector II (Coco 1 and 2 ONLY)
Pumpman (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Pursuit (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Pyramix (Coco 3 ONLY)
Qiks (Coco 1/2/3)
Quasar Commander (Coco 1/2/3)
Quest (Coco 1/2/3)
Quest For Thelda (Coco 3)
Quix (Coco 1/2/3)
Raaka-Tu (Coco 1/2/3)
Radio Ball (Coco 1/2/3)
Rail Runner (Coco 1/2 ONLY)
Rainbow Roach (Coco 1/2/3)
Rally (Coco 1/2/3)
Rat Attack (Coco 1/2/3)
Rad Warrior (Coco 3 ONLY)
Rampage! (Coco 3 ONLY)
Reactoid (Coco 1/2/3)
Rear Guard (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Recochet (Coco 1/2/3)
Rescue on Fractalus (Coco 3 ONLY)
Return of the Jeti (Coco 1/2/3)
Return of Junior's Revenge (Coco 3 ONLY)
RoboCop (Coco 3 ONLY)
Robotack (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Rogue (Coco 3 ONLY)
Roller Controller (Coco 3 ONLY)
Roman Checkers (Coco 1/2/3)
Rommel 3D (Coco 1/2/3)
Rubicon II (Coco 1/2/3)
Rupert Rythym: The Music Box Caper (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Rush'N Assault (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Sailor Man (Coco 1/2/3)
Sam Sleuth (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Sands of Egypt (Coco 1/2/3)
Sea Battle (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Sea Dragon (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Sea Search (Sea Quest) (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Sea Stalker (Coco 1/2/3)
Shaft (Coco 1/2/3)
Shamus (Coco 1/2/3)
Shanghai (Coco 3 ONLY)
Shark Treasure (Coco 1/2/3)
Shenanigans (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Shiphunt (Coco 1/2/3)
Shock Trooper (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Shooting Gallery (Coco 1/2/3)
Shuttle Simulator (Coco 1/2/3)
Silpheed (Coco 1/2/3)
Sinistaar (512K Coco 3 ONLY)
Skiing (Coco 1/2/3)
Skramble (Coco 1/2/3)
Sky-Defense (Coco 1/2/3)
Skyway (Coco 1/2/3)
Slay The Nereis (Coco 1/2/3)
Slot Machine (Coco 1/2/3)
Slots (Coco 1/2/3)
Snake Pit (Coco 1/2/3)
Snak Pac (Coco 1/2/3)
Soko-ban (Coco 1/2/3)
Soviet Bloc (Includes demo download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Space Ambush (Coco 1/2/3)
Space Assault (Coco 1/2/3)
Space Intruders (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Space Marauder (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Space Race (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Space Raiders (Coco 1/2/3)
Space War (Coco 1/2/3)
Space Wrek (Coco 1/2/3)
Space Zapper (Coco 1/2/3)
Speed Racer (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Spidercide (Coco 1/2/3)
Spider-Hype (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Spider-Hyper (Includes download!) (Coco 3 AND 6309 ONLY)
Spinster Cafe (Coco 1/2/3)
Springster (Coco 3 ONLY)
Squash (Coco 1/2/3)
SR-71 (Coco 1/2/3)
Star Blaster (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Star Blaze (Coco 1/2/3)
Starfire (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Starship Chameleon (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Star Spores (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Star Trader (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Star Trek III (Coco 1/2/3)
Stellar Life Line (Coco 1/2/3)
Storm (Coco 1/2 ONLY)
Storm Arrows (Coco 1/2/3)
Sub Battle Simulator (Coco 3 ONLY)
Super Bustout (Coco 1/2/3)
Super Mastermind (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Super Pitfall (Coco 3 ONLY)
Super Vaders (Coco 1/2/3)
Syzygy (Coco 1/2/3)
Tanks (Coco 1/2/3)
Temple of ROM (Coco 1/2/3)
Tennis (Coco 1/2/3)
Tetra (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Tetris (Coco 1/2/3)
The Black Sanctum (graphic version) (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
The Factory (Coco 1/2/3)
The Force (also known as Intergalactic Force) (Coco 1/2/3)
The Frog (Coco 1/2/3)
The Interbank Incident (Coco 1/2/3)
The Lair (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
The Pond (Coco 1/2/3)
The Vortex Factor (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Thexder (Coco 3 ONLY)
Three In a Row (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Time Bandit (Coco 1/2/3)
Time Fighter (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Time Patrol (Coco 1/2/3)
To Preserve Quandic (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Touchstone (Coco 1/2/3)
Tower of Fear (Coco 1/2/3)
Trailin' Tail (Coco 1/2/3)
Trapball (Coco 1/2/3)
Trapfall (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Trekboer (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Trickashay (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Trubble (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Tube Frenzy (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Turret (Coco 1/2/3)
Tutankam (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Tut's Tomb (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Varloc (Coco 1/2/3)
Venturer (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Vegas Gamepak (Coco 1/2/3)
Video Keno (Coco 1/2/3)
Video Pinball (Coco 1/2/3)
Viet Cong (V.C.) (Coco 1/2/3)
Viking (Coco 1/2/3)
Vox Chess (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Voyager (Coco 1/2/3)
Wacky Food (Coco 1/2/3)
Warlords (Coco 1/2/3)
War Kings (Coco 1/2/3)
War Monger (Coco 3 ONLY)
Warp Fighter 3-D (Coco 3 ONLY)
Warrior King (Coco 3 ONLY)
Weirdo (Coco 1/2/3)
Whirlybird Run (Coco 1/2/3)
Wildcatting (Coco 1/2/3)
Wizard's Den (Includes download!)(Coco 1/2/3)
Worlds of Flight (Coco 1/2/3)
Wrestle Maniac (Coco 1/2/3)
Yahtzee (80 column version) (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Z-89 (Coco 3 ONLY)
Zaksund (Coco 1/2/3)
Zaxxon (Coco 1/2/3)
Zenix (Includes download!) (Coco 3 ONLY)
Zone 6 (Includes download!) (Coco 1/2/3)
Zonx (Coco 1/2/3)

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