Greymoon intro screen Greymoon game screen (1st maze)
Greymoon intro and game screen

Greymoon is a simulation/strategy game, similiar to earlier versions such as Viking (from Prickly Pear Software). In it, you are in charge of a kingdom, and you must provide for your people and expand your kingdom, while dealing with such things as weather, war, famine, etc. These types of games were the basis for modern games such as Sim City, except that they were just text-based back then.

Unlike Viking, Greymoon was a single player only game. However, it was more complex in what you had to do and keep track of. It was written in BASIC.

Title: Greymoon

Author: Bill Dunlevy

Publisher: Computer Shack (later Michtron)

Released: Late 1983

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM tape or disk.

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