Packetman intro screen #1 Packetman intro screen #2
Packetman intro screens 1&2
Packetman game screen

Packetman game screen

Packetman is author Greg Zumwalt's (and company American Small Business Computers) first machine language arcade game, and the first PacMan derivative game on the Coco ever released, beating Computerware's Pac-Tac to market by a couple of months. It's not quite the same as the arcade though; there are only 3 ghosts, NO power pellets, no bonus fruit, the player can stop in the middle of a corridor, and no intermissions. There is the tunnel that wraps around the screen on either side, and you do have to eat dots while avoiding the ghosts. The game was designed for black and white (256x192) graphics and features some dead end passageways unlike the arcade.

Title: Packetman

Author: Greg Zumwalt

Publisher: American Small Business Computers

Released: September 1981 (first ad in 80 Micro September 1981)

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3 with 16K RAM, joystick.

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