Space Intruders

Space Intruders intro screen Space Intruders game screen #1
Space Intruders intro and game screens.
Space Intruders game screen #2 (Mothership) Space Intruders winning game screen
Space Intruders mothership and winning the game screens.

Space Intruders is a Coco 3 only arcade clone of the original arcade smash Space Invaders, although with much better graphics. The original arcade game featured monochrome graphics, with not much detail, while Nick's version uses the Coco 3's 320x200x16 color mode. Nick also added a twist: you can actually win the game by destroying the alien's mothership on level 9 (see screenshot). This particular screen is based on the 5th level of the arcade game Phoenix, also seen in the Coco 1/2 clone of Phoenix called Demon Seed. This game was actually sold through Radio Shack in Australia for a time, but was sold in North America through Game Point Software.

Title: Space Intruders

Author: Nick Marentes

Publisher: Nick Marentes (distributed by Radio Shack in Australia, Game Point Software in North America)

Released: 1988

Requires: Color Computer 3 ONLY, 128K RAM, disk drive, joystick.

Download SPACEINT.ZIP (Contains SPACEINT.DSK image). Type RUN "SPACE" to run.

If you would rather get a 2 .DSK set with all of Nick's freely available games, and menu driven to boot, please download them from Nick's own page.

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