Star Spores

Star Spores pre-release intro screen Star Spores pre-release game screen
Star Spores (pre-release version) intro and game screens.
Star Spores Spectral intro screen Star Spores Spectral game screen
Star Spores (Spectral Associates version) intro and game screens.

Star Spores is an original arcade game, where one has to shoot spores travelling across the top of the screen. Once you shoot them the first time, they change into aliens (different ones on different levels) that divebomb and shoot at you, so you have to shoot them again. There is an early version of it (from 1983) that was from before Spectral Associates sold it... but it was missing some things like a moving starfield, and high scores. The Spectral version, released in 1984 (unfortunately, just before Spectral basically quit the 3rd party market, and only did programming for Tandy) has been released by Dave for all to enjoy.

Title: Star Spores

Author: David Shadoff

Publisher: Spectral Associates

Released: 1984

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM , cassette or disk, joystick optional.


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