Trubble intro screen Trubble game screen
Trubble intro and game screens

Trubble is a board game converted to run on the Coco. Basically, you roll a single dice, trying to get your men out onto the playfield from your base (you need to roll a six to do that), and try to get all of your men around the board to their Homes first. It is for 2 to 4 players, and you each take turns. When you already have pieces out, if you roll a six, you are given the choice of either moving a man, or bringing a new one out. You can also knock other player's pieces off by landing on top of them, which sends them back to their base, and they have to roll a six again to get them out. A nice quirk is that all players, when bringing their man out from their base, start on the exact same peg; if a bunch of people roll sixes in a row, you can keep knocking people back to their base.

Title: Trubble

Author: John Demchenko

Publisher: Freeware

Released: 1990

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM, tape or disk.

Download TRUBBLE.BAS. NOTE: This is a BINARY BASIC file.

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