Dungeons of Daggorath

Dungeons of Daggorath Intro

Dungeons of Daggorath Intro screen
Spider Troll with Club
A spider; and a troll with a club

NOTE: I will eventually have a screenshot of every monster on here.

Dungeons of Daggorath is one of the most famous games that either Tandy or the Coco ever had. It was one of the very first adventure/arcade games on any platform that combined 3D graphics, large playing fields, real time play, and monsters that both had unique sounds, and got louder as they got closer. It is popular enough even to this day that it has a dedicated webpage to it, and if one does a search on the web, one will notice that even modern PC game programmers will sometimes list it as either a big influence from their past, or as one of their favorite games from years gone by.

Dungeons of Daggorath was also rather unique in that one had to type shorthand commands on the keyboard (similiar to regular adventure games), yet it was still real-time with arcade like qualities. If one wanted to be really challenged, they could greatly improve their speed typing skills by typing in the entire words for commands, and try to win the game that way. All around, one of the best of this type of game on ANY platform. Please note, in the screenshots above, that I have left the artifacting on in the intro screen, and off in the rest, just to show the difference. Daggorath was meant to be played in black and white.

A PC/Windows native port of this game, with some enhancements, is also available, with the original author's blessing.

Title: Dungeons of Daggorath

Author: Douglas J. Morgan, Phil Landmeier, Keith Kiyohara, and April Landmeier (Dyna Micro)

Publisher: Radio Shack

Released: 1982 (copyright; actually released 1983)

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM, cartridge.

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