Color Car Action

Color Car Action intro screen Color Car Action game screen
Color Car Action intro and game screens.

Color Car Action is a clone of the arcade hit Bump 'n Jump. The game is basically a car race game, where you can run people off the track or into rocks (they can do the same to you as well), but with one extra twist: If you are going at least 62 miles per hour, and you hit the joystick button, your car will jump high into the air, allowing you to clear cars, rocks, water or the terrain. As soon as you land, though, you will immediately slow down a fair bit. Like the arcade, you get a large bonus if you manage to finish a track without killing ANYONE else: 50,000 points are rewarded. There are many different tracks; I have seen at least 4.

I believe that this is the first game Dave Dies put out; it preceded his own company being formed (Diecom Products) by at least a year.

Also, in November of 2019 I optimized Color Car Action in order to speed it up, closer to the original arcade game. Both the 6809 and 6309 optimized versions can be found by the links below, as well as the original version as it was released in 1984.

Title: Color Car Action

Author: Dave Dies

Publisher: Novasoft (Tom Mix subsiduary)

Released: 1984

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 64K RAM, tape or disk, joystick.

Download the original COLORCAR.BIN.
Download optimized 6809 or 6309 versions from the TRS-80 Color Computer Archive
Type LOADM "COLORCAR" and then EXEC to run.

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