Graphic Mars

Graphic Mars Intro screen Graphic Mars game screen
Graphic Mars intro and game screens

Graphic Mars is a reworking of the original Mars/Mars II text based adventure game written in BASIC from Aardvark software. Roderick Smith re-programmed it for graphical displays (from Rodger Olsen's original text version), bumping the memory requirement from 16K to 32K. Otherwise, the game is identical, and is one Aardvark's beginner games. Converting adventure games from text to graphics was a trend started by Mark Data Products, when Bob Withers and Stephen O'Dea converted Ron Kreb's original Calixto Island and Black Sanctum games to graphics as well.

Title: Graphic Mars

Author: Roderick Smith (based on original text version by Rodger Olsen)

Publisher: Aardvark Action Software (formerly Aardvark-80)

Released: 1984

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, disk or tape.

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