Jumping Joey

Jumping Joey intro screen #1 Jumping Joey intro screen #2
Jumping Joey intro screens 1&2
Jumping Joey game screen #1 Jumping Joey game screen #2
Jumping Joey game screens 1&2
Jumping Joey game screen #3 Jumping Joey high score screen
Jumping Joey game screen 3 & high score screen

Jumping Joey is a commercial game release for the Coco 1,2 and 3 (and Dragon 32/64) based on the arcade hit Frogger, but with a different theme and some game play differences. As author Nick Marentes has done on his other recent Coco 1/2 compatible games, he has used a Semi-Graphics mode (in this case, Semigraphics-12, which is a 64x96 9 color mode), in order to make a Coco 1/2 game as colorful as possible. He also crammed in multi-voice music/sound effects (without requiring additional hardware or a Coco 3), the ability to use either joystick or keyboard controls (including allowing a Coco 3 to use a Coco 1/2 arrow key style layout), and a top 8 scoreboard. Because of the reduced vertical resolution, he has split the original Frogger screen into two - crossing the highway and then crossing the river are two separate screens. Then Nick added a 3rd screen in between the other two that is unique to Jumping Joey: you have to cross a cattle stockyard filled with cows and sheep, snaking through the narrow openings in the moving fences. Each screen has it's own unique theme song (it should be mentioned that you can optionally turn the music off), and all 3 of those have an Australian theme. On the river level, Nick also added a bonus that you can pick up for extra points that is in the water. On later levels (a level being when you complete getting all 6 of your Joey's safely home at the top of the 3rd screen) the enemies speed up and/or become more numerous, and extra opponents (like the snake on the 3rd screen) also show up.

You can order the digital download (as well as see a video of gameplay) for the various platforms from Nick's site (see link below). You also have the option of buying his new Coco Arcade bundle, which contains all 3 of his recent Coco 1/2 semi-graphics games (Rally SG, Pipes and Jumping Joey) in a full color CD jewel case (and color instruction sheet for Jumping Joey).

Title: Jumping Joey

Author: Nicholas Marentes

Publisher: Nicholas Marentes

Released: November 2022

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, Dragon 32, Dragon 64, 32K RAM, joystick optional.

Purchase Jumping Joey from Nick's website - either as it's own digital download, or as part of a physical collectors CD that also includes Pipes and Rally SG.

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