Buzzworm intro screen #1 Buzzworm intro screen #2
Buzzworm intro screens 1 & 2
Buzzworm intro screen #3 Buzzworm intro screen #4
Buzzworm intro screens 3 & 4
Buzzworm intro screen #5 Buzzworm level 1 game screen
Buzzworm intro screens 5 & level 1 game screen

Buzzworm is a clone of the 1982 arcade game Nibbler, one of several games based on the "trailing tail" theme that were popular in the early 1980's. Basically, you controlled the Buzzworm, trying to eat the food in the maze, while trying not to bite yourself. Problem is, the more food you eat, the longer you grow, and if you don't eat for a bit, you speed up. There are at least 10 levels, each with a different maze for you to navigate, and bonus rounds as well. You also have a time limit in which you have to complete each level, or you lose a life. A bit of a twist is that you earn an extra Buzzworm at 10,000 points; BUT that extra life shows up in the maze as an egg... if you eat it before completing the level, you have just eaten (and killed) your extra man!
Although I am not positive, I am pretty sure that the author of Buzzworm is the same person who also wrote SR-71 for Tom Mix Software. Novasoft was a subsiduary company of Tom Mix Software; it sold games that were usually $25.00 or less (US funds), versus the $30.00 and up that other games sold for.

Title: Buzzworm

Author: Lee Earle

Publisher: Novasoft (Tom Mix Software subsiduary)

Released: Late 1984

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, tape or disk, joysticks optional.

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