Athletyx intro screen #1 Athletyx intro screen #2
Athletyx intro screens. As you can see, the game was programmed in 1984, but not released until early 1985.
Athletyx event #1 of 7 - 100 Metres Athletyx event #2 of 7 - Hurdles
Athletyx events 1 & 2 - 100 Metres and Hurdles
Athletyx event #3 of 7 - Long jump Athletyx event #4 of 7 - High jump
Athletyx events 3 & 4 - Long Jump and High Jump
Athletyx event #5 of 7 - Javelin Athletyx event #6 of 7 - 200 Metres
Athletyx events 5 & 6 - Javelin and 200 Metres
Athletyx event #7 of 7 - 400 Metre Hurdles

Athletyx event #7 of 7 - 400 Metre Hurdles

Athletyx was the last released game that Ken Kalish wrote, and was originally exclusively for the Dragon-32/Dragon-64 from the U.K. The only game of his to require 32K, it covered 7 of the 10 events in the Decathlon, which gives it 1 more event than the arcade game it was based on, Track and Field (also released in the arcade as Hyper Olympics). Unlike other games of this sort on the Coco/Dragon, this version exclusively used the joystick for controls instead of the keyboard. One runs by rapidly flipping the joystick from left to right (to simulate moving your legs forward), and then hitting (and holding, to select your angle) the joystick button to trigger a jump or release (if needed).

Title: Athletyx

Author: Ken Kalish

Publisher: Microdeal Cornwall (for Dragon-32 and Dragon-64)

Released: 1985 (Programmed in 1984)

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 32K RAM, joystick.

Download ATHLETYX.ZIP. This contains the Athletyx .DSK image. To run, type LOADM"ATHLETYX", and then EXEC. Select # of players with the number keys, and then use the joystick to play.

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