The Touchstone

Touchstone intro screen Touchstone game screen Level 1
Touchstone intro and Level 1 game screens.
Touchstone Level 2 game screen

Touchstone Level 2 game screen

Touchstone is a clone of the arcade game Tutankham. In this game, you navigate through ancient corridors, collecting treasures as you go, and shooting/dodging various monsters (note: while you can move in four directions, you can only fire left and right). You also have to collect keys to open the doors to the next level. This game is quite similiar to Tut's Tomb and others, although it it much closer to the original arcade game in appearance and play.
Hint if you are running it on a Coco 3: Do a PALETTE 0,0 before either LOADM or EXEC... the game will look a lot better.

Title: The Touchstone

Author: Paulo Castrignano of Brazil

Publisher: Tom Mix Software

Released: 1984, Coco 3 patched version October 10, 1986

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, joystick, cassette or disk.

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