Pac-Tac intro screen 1 Pac-Tac intro screen 2
Pac-Tac intro screens
Pac-Tac game screen

Pac-Tac game screen

Pac-Tac is one of the earliest Pac Man clones. Like several other games published in the 1981-early 1982 era, it used the Semigraphics-24 graphics mode in order to get 9 colors on the screen at once, even thought it had a really weird resolution (64x192). It had really grating sound effects when you died, and had a more complicated maze (with more power pills) than the original arcade. It was later redone in PMODE 4 graphics mode (256x192x4 with artifacted colors) as Pac-Tac II (This also allowed it to be run on a Coco 3, as the Coco 3 does NOT support the Semigraphics-24 mode). Also, a Tom Mix Pacman clone called Snak Pak seemed to share the same sound routines as this original.

Title: Pac-Tac

Author: ???

Publisher: Computerware

Released: 1981

Requires: Color Computer 1 or 2 ONLY, 16K RAM, tape or disk, joystick.

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