Wizards Quest

Wizards Quest Intro Screen 1 Wizards Quest Intro Screen 2
Wizards Quest intro Screens 1 and 2
Wizards Quest Intro Screen 3 Wizards Quest Game screen 1
Wizards Quest Intro screen 3 and game screen 1

Wizards Quest game screen 2

Wizards Quest game screen 2. Eventually, I will put the whole maze map in

Wizards Quest is a combination arcade/strategy game in a fantasy vein. It was originally written for the Dragon 32/Dragon 64 British computers (clones of the Coco from Britain with a much improved keyboard and other enhancements), but this game is one of the that specifically mentions that it was also ported to the Coco. The game features multi-voice music, and is intended to be run in black&white, to give the full 256x192 resolution. In it, you are a Wizard's apprentice wandering through a mansion, looking for and using objects, while avoiding various creatures and traps. The map seems quite extensive, and the game uses top view, semi-3D looking graphics. One innovative feature is that you could play the game with the default placement of objects, but you could also tell it to randomly place them in the map, adding more long-term playability to the game.
While this game was officially ported to the Coco, I don't believe that it was ever sold directly in North America.

Title: Wizards Quest

Author: Edward Scio

Publisher: Microdeal Cornwall

Released: 1986

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, tape or disk, joystick optional.

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