Digger Intro screen #1 Digger Intro screen #2
Digger intro screens.
Digger Level 1 game screen

Digger Level 1 game screen. Other levels will come later.

Digger is the first Coco 3 specific clone of the popular Lode Runner cross-platform hit. It was also one of the starting points of "The Challenge" between it's author Chet Simpson and the author of the MM/1 version called Gold Runner. The MM/1 version added vertical and horizontal scrolling, and Chet had to match that on the Coco 3, which he did, although technically late, with Gold Runner 2000. He later did a sequel with scrolling as well, called Digger II: Return of the Saint.
The basic premise of Digger is to collect all of the gold bars, and then flee the level by ladder at the top of the label. In the process, you dig holes to both trap the guards coming after you, and to get to otherwise inaccessible areas. There are multiple levels, although I am not sure how many at this time.

Title: Digger

Author: Chet Simpson

Publisher: Hyper-Tech Software

Released: 1991

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM, disk, joystick

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