Vegas Gamepak

Vegas Gamepak intro screen #1 Vegas Gamepak intro screen #2
Vegas Gamepak intro screens
Vegas Gamepak Slots screen Vegas Gamepak Blackjack screen
Vegas Gamepak Slots and Blackjack screens
Vegas Gamepak Up N' Down the River screen Vegas Gamepak Craps screen
Vegas Gamepak Up N' Down the River and Craps screens
Vegas Gamepak Keno screens

Vegas Gamepak Keno screen

Vegas Gamepak is a set of 5 games based on games one would find at casinos in Las Vegas. The entire set of games gets loaded in at once, and fits into a 16K machine. Most of the games are in low-res graphics, except the slot machine is in a medium resolution. This games was one of the earlier ones by Nelson Software Systems (makers of VIP Library, and later part of it's Colorquest games division.

The games themselves are:

Slot Machine: Bet different amounts, try to get all three bars to get the biggest payout.

Black Jack: Try to get as close to 21 as possible without going over, and you have to beat the dealer as well.

Up 'N Down the River: You draw 5 cards, and then go through two rounds of 5 cards being drawn from the deck. If you match during the first 5, you lose money for each matching card in your hand; on the last 5, you gain.

Craps: The famous dice game, where you have roll the same total twice, but without getting a 7 or 11.

Keno: Pick a set of numbers, of which the number of numbers can very, and if you get enough matches, you win. Just remember that the more numbers you pick, the more you have to match in order to win...

Title: Vegas Gamepak

Author: Dan Nelson

Publisher: Nelson Software Systems

Released: 1981 or 1982

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM, tape or disk.

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