Robin Hood

Robin Hood intro screen #1 Robin Hood intro screen #2
Robin Hood intro screens 1&2
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Robin Hood intro screens 3&4
Robin Hood intro screen #5 Robin Hood high score screen
Robin Hood intro screen 5 & high score screen
Robin Hood game screen #1 Robin Hood game screen #2
Robin Hood game screens 1&2
Robin Hood game screen #3

Robin Hood game screen 3

Robin Hood is an platform style game that bears some similarity to a Spectral Associates game that appeared the same year called Module Man. I don't know if one inspired the other or if it was coincidence that the game play and visual appearances of both are somewhat similar. In Robin Hood's case, the game was sold for the Dragon 32 and 64 by Microdeal under their bargain software division which was called Pocket Money Software. Microdeal was the biggest software distributor for the Dragons (and sold software for the Coco's as well) in the UK.

Using a joystick the player has to navigate multiple platforms, collecting treasures and also keys need to unlock doors to get to the next level - all in a quest to rescue Maid Marion from the evil Sheriff. Similar to Donkey Kong, the Sheriff will grab the girl and haul her off when you unlock the door at the top of the level. There is no falling damage to the player due to the height of a jump or fall... UNLESS the player falls through openings on the bottom of the screen, in which case they die. The Sheriff runs around the top dropping boulders on the player whilst hidden henchman of his (off screen) fire arrows that the player has to dodge while they jump around the platforms. On later levels some of the platforms are moving, and to make that even more difficult the player doesn't ride along with the platform; the player has to run as it moves to stay on it otherwise it will move past the player and the player will fall. The World of Dragon website mentions that there is also a bonus round where you collect hearts dropped by Maid Marion... I haven't gotten that far yet. The game also keeps the 3 letter initials and scores for the top 10 games in the current sessions - and uses the gameplay mechanics of the player jumping to select the letters for their name.

Robin Hood was sold for only 1 pound 99 (maybe about $5.00 USD at the time?). Considering the game has multiple screens, adds new play elements as it goes, and includes a bonus screen/level, this would have been a great deal.

Title: Robin Hood

Author: Mike Chilton

Publisher: Pocket Money Software (the bargain software division of Microdeal)

Released: 1984 (on the Dragon)

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 32K RAM, joystick.

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