Medieval Madness

Medieval Madness intro screen 1 Medieval Madness intro screen 2
Medieval Madness Intro screens 1 and 2
Medieval Madness intro screen 3.

Medieval Madness intro screen 3. In game screenshots will come later.

Medieval Madness is the second of two games that Diecom Products put out for the Coco 3 that used a hardware interface to allow the Coco to hook up a Sega Master System's Phaser gun. This one was more difficult than the first one (Iron Forest), as some of the creatures had to be hit on certain areas, instead of just hitting the creature at all. The object of the game was to protect your knight as he progressed through the countryside trying to rescue the princess. In this game, you are firing arrows, and the higher skill levels tried to simulate this somewhat by having a delay between you pressing the trigger and when the arrow would actually show up on the screen. Like Iron Forest, monsters could miss your knight if they were on opposite sides of an object (say, a tree). Medieval Madness also had more sound affects than Iron Forest... some of the monsters (for example, the Demon Dogs) make noise while chasing your knight.
The graphics for this game were made by Dave's sister, Lori, who also did some of the artwork for the manuals that came with Diecom games.

Title: Medieval Madness

Author: Dave Dies (Graphics by Lori Dies)

Publisher: Diecom Products

Released: Late 1988 or early 1989

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM, disk only, Sega gun adaptor and Sega Phaser gun.

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