Franchise! intro screen 1 Franchise! intro screen 2
Franchise! intro screens 1 &2
Franchise! intro screen 3 Franchise! game screen 1
Franchise! intro screen 3 & game screen 1
Franchise! game screen 2 Franchise! game screen 3
Franchise! game screens 2 & 3
Franchise! game screen 4 Franchise! game screen 5
Franchise! game screens 4 & 5

Franchise! is graphical simulation/strategy game, that is completely joystick driven. In it (and there are 3 different skills levels), you take turns (each of which corresponds to a week), trying to build your initial restaurant into a full franchise chain. You have to pay for things like wages, advertising, and food, and you have to build/buy new restaurants, and/or also franchise them out (get other people to run a location of your restaurant chain). The goal is to either get a total of 15 restaurants (7 or 8 self-owned, and 7 or 8 franchises), within the 3 year time limit the game imposes. You can also shut down underperforming restaurants, you have to check into how your competitor's are doing, and you have to monitor how the general economy is doing (which is somewhat random). A nice twist is that once (about) every 4 weeks, you visit one of your restaurants, and you actually have to serve orders yourself, before customers get upset and leave (this is a more arcade-like section of the game); if you do poorly, your sales will drop.

Title: Franchise!

Author: Steve Hartford

Publisher: Computerware

Released: 1985

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 64K RAM, cassette or disk, joystick.

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