Mouse Maze

Mouse Maze intro screen #1 Mouse Maze intro screen #2
Mouse Maze intro screens.
Mouse Maze intro screen #3 Mouse Maze game screen
Mouse Maze intro screen #3 and game screen.

Mouse Maze is a graphical, disk based adventure game written by John Kowlaski, alias Sock Master. The intro to the game explains the premise, and it plays like a standard text/graphic adventure game, where wanders through a maze, collecting objects, etc, trying to escape. A bit more unique is that it keeps track of last won the game, and in how many moves, so you have a score to go against. There are some machine language routines to help speed up the graphic display...something John became much more famous for in the years after Mouse Maze was completed, especially his demos.

Title: Mouse Maze

Author: John Kowlaski (under his alias Sockmaster)

Publisher: John Kowalski

Released: 2001 (previously unreleased) - written in 1986

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 64K RAM, disk.

Download MOUSMAZE.ZIP. This ZIP file contains the .DSK image for the game.

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