RoboCop intro screen #1 RoboCop intro screen #2
RoboCop intro screens 1 and 2 - the game talks while displaying the 2nd one, saying "Robocop"
RoboCop credits screen

RoboCop game screen with graphics off
RoboCop Level 1 game screen RoboCop Level 1 Boss game screen
RoboCop Level 1 game screens - regular play, and the level 1 Boss
RoboCop Level 2 game screen

RoboCop Level 2 game screen - screenshots of the other levels (and bosses) will come later)

RoboCop is the official adaptation of the arcade (and cross-platform) game. It holds a unique spot in Coco game history as being one of only 2 cartridge games that used MMU (Memory Management Unit) hardware, to allow the Coco 3 cartridge port to have more than 32KB of ROM space. RoboCop was the largest of these two titles (the other being Predator), with a 128KB ROM. It contained some fairly detailed graphics for all of the levels, as well as several chunks of digitized speech.

In the game, you manoeuvre around the city, and within buildings, to destroy the criminal cartel, as well as the robot (and person behind it) that are trying to replace you. Each level is a large sideways scrolling map, sometimes several screens high as well, with various weapons to be found, elevators, doors, etc. If you run out of ammo, you can switch weapons, or go right down to your fists if necessary. Various enemies try to destroy you, and the game gets tougher the further you progress. Probably Greg Zumwalt's best game on the Coco platform. An article was published in Rainbow magazine by Greg, explaining how the "Super-Cartridge" worked (the MMU hardware), and at that time it was revealed that prototype boards had been made for up to 512KB ROM cartridges, but no such large game was ever released.

The only really disappointing parts of this game is the background music (single voice, and not a very pleasant waveform for it), and the fact that it used a lower resolution, 160x200x16 color graphics mode. The color was quite well done, but it would have been better if it has used the 320x200x16 color mode instead.

Title: RoboCop

Author: Greg Zumwalt

Publisher: Data East / Tandy Corporation

Released: 1989

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM, cartridge.

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