Willy's Warehouse

Willy's Warehouse intro screen 1 Willy's Warehouse intro screen 2
Willy's Warehouse intro screens 1 & 2.
Willy's Warehouse Options screen

Willy's Warehouse Options screen
Willy's Warehouse game screen 1 Willy's Warehouse game screen 2
Willy's Warehouse game screens 1 & 2.

Willy's Warehouse is an original arcade game, where you have to fill in orders by grabbing numbered boxes from the left (which are scrolling in one direction), and deposit them into the corresponding numbered slots on the right (scrolling in the opposite direction). Mystery squares sometimes appear (designated by question marks), which you can get by pushing the package you are carrying into the hole. Sometimes, on the platform you are traveling on an enemy will come towards you - the only way to kill him is to drop a package on him, but this also destroys the package. There is also another foe that crawls along the top, and occasionally dive bombs towards you. The game gets difficult when you can't find the correct #'d box to correspond to the same #'d slot. Challenging, and fun! Hitting the CLEAR key brings up options for 1 or 2 players, changing your difficulty levels, and choosing either joystick or keyboard for controls.

Title: Willy's Warehouse

Author: David W. Clark, sound by Bob Miller

Publisher: Intracolor

Released: 1984

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, disk or tape, joystick optional.

Download david_clark.zip (DSK image contains all of David's games, including Willy's Warehouse).

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