Aldaron intro screen #1 Aldaron intro screen #2
Aldaron intro screens 1&2
Aldaron intro screen #3 Aldaron game screen
Aldaron intro screen 3 &game screen

Aldaron is a text adventure game written completely in machine language. Your mission in it is to rescue the prince Aldaron, and there are 7 different sections to the adventure, each with their own sub-goal, to finish your quest. There is also the traditional SCORE element (a perfect score if you find everything is 300 points). While there are random elements to the game (like the witch that wanders around casting spells on you), I believe that the map is fixed, so drawing the map as you go is very beneficial. When this games was first released, it was cassette only, but has since been patched to run with disk systems just fine.

Title: Aldaron

Author: Jeffrey Dwight

Publisher: Jade Products

Released: 1984

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, cassette or disk

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