Kyum Gai:To Be Ninja

Kyum-Gai intro screen 1 Kyum-Gai intro screen 2
Kyum-Gai intro screens (OS-9 version)
Kyum-Gai level 1 Kyum-Gai level 2
Kyum-Gai Level's one and two

Kyum-Gai:To Be Ninja is an arcade game where one has a mission to destroy the head of a sect of ninja's (and others). The game is divided into seven levels (2 of which are pictured in screenshots above), of which the final has a big boss to beat. The game was rather unique in several ways: 1) it required a two button joystick to run well (although, you could use the keyboard for the jump/throw button if you only had a one button joystick), and 2) it was one of the very few arcade quality games that was available for both Disk Extended Basic (RS-DOS or DECB) and OS-9 Level II. It featured digitized sound affects as well, and in the OS-9 version, auto pause if you switched windows, and the ability to multi-task with other programs running in the system.

The original version was by Glen Dahlgren, and the OS-9 port was mostly done by Kevin Darling, and polished up for release by Eddie Kuns.

Title: Kyum-Gai:To Be Ninja

Author: Glen Dahlgren (RS-DOS version), and Glen Dahlgren/Kevin Darling/Eddie Kuns (OS-9 Version)

Publisher: Sundog Systems

Released: 1989 (RS-DOS version), 1990 (OS-9 version)

Requires: Color Computer 3, 2 button joystick, disk, 128K RAM (RS-DOS version) or 256K RAM (OS-9 version).

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