Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior intro screen Ninja Warrior game screen - one of the many belts you go through
Ninja Warrior intro and game screens - You get a different belt for each level you go through.
Ninja Warrior game screen #1 - White Belt - kicking rocks Ninja Warrior game screen #2 - Yellow Belt - jump over stationary fireballs
Ninja Warrior white and yellow belt game screens- kicking rocks, and jumping over stationary fireballs.
Ninja Warrior game screen #3 - avoiding flung fireballs Ninja Warrior game screen #4 - fighting another Ninja
Ninja Warrior later belt game screens - avoiding flung fireballs, and fighting other Ninjas.
Ninja Warrior game screen #5 - double stacked rocks

Ninja Warrior later belt game screen - double stacked rocks.

Ninja Warrior is an arcade game where you go through various levels (designated by your karate belt color), each of which adds more difficult obstacles to get around. You can kick (or use your trident) to destroy rocks, opponents, fireballs, arrows, and other things that will cross your path... and you can also jump over holes and some of the obstacles. Although the game ran in quite a low resolution (128x96x4), it was actually very fun to play.

Title: Ninja Warrior

Author: Charles Forsythe

Publisher: The Programmer's Guild

Released: 1983

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM, tape or disk, joystick optional.

Download NINJAWR.ZIP. This contains the ninjawr.dsk image. To run, type LOADM"NINJA", and then 'EXEC'.

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