Venturer intro screen Venturer main hall game screen
Venturer intro and main hall game screens
Venturer room 1 game screen Venturer room 1 time limit game screen
Venturer room 1 and room 1 time limit game screens

Venturer is a clone of the arcade game Venture. There are two basic areas in Venturer: The main hall (where you can not fire back), where you have to dodge roaming monsters to get into the four rooms, and the four rooms themselves, where you can attack monsters back, and have to collect treasures. Once you kill a monster, it becomes a cross for a few seconds... if you collide with the cross, you die. Also, if you linger in one of the treasure rooms for too long, some indestructable lines will come down. If you get hit by one, you die, and they can also cut you off from the exit (an example of this is shown in the screenshot on the lower right). This last bit is a bit different than the original arcade game; in the original, an indestructable monster that can fly through walls (similiar to the "Evil Otto" character from the arcade game Berzerk) came to kill you instead.
Unlike most other Dave Edson games, there are no hidden messages in the binary for this game.

Title: Venturer

Author: Dave Edson

Publisher: Aadvark-80

Released: 1982

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM, tape or disk, joystick.


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