Tetris intro screen - Coco 3 Tetris game screen - Coco 3
Tetris intro and game screens for Coco 3 version
Tetris intro screen - Coco 1/2 Tetris game screen - Coco 1/2
Tetris intro and game screens for Coco 2 version

Tetris is the official licensed version of the monster smash game of the 1980's. Sold through Radio Shack/Tandy, it was one of a few games that came in a "fat binary" version (meaning the same program would run on all 3 Coco models, but that on a Coco 3 it took advantage of better graphics, etc.). The object is to move, and rotate, sets of 4 sqaures (called blocks) so that they eventually fall together forming horizontal lines (with no empty spaces) across the width of the playfield. When you do this, the row of blocks is destroyed, causing any others above it fall in it's place. A very addictive puzzle game.

Title: Tetris

Author: Greg Zumwalt (Academy Soft-ELORG)

Publisher: Radio Shack/Tandy

Released: 1987

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3 (special features on 3), 16K RAM (128K RAM on Coco 3), cartridge.

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