Invaders Revenge

Invaders Revenge intro screen Invaders Revenge game screen
Invaders Revenge intro and game screens

Invaders Revenge is an original arcade game (not to be confused with a rare arcade game of the same name) in which you are the saucer, trying to defend yourself from both the two types of ships running through the space lanes (blue=100 points, red is 1000), and the "human" defender at the bottom of the screen. Featuring 5 official speed levels, and a player selectable number of shots allowed on the screen at once (from 1 to 5), it can be quite a fast paced and difficult game.

A sneaky trick: hit the 'R' key when asked for the speed... you will get a REALLY slow mode, where the game just crawls. However, it can give you an interesting insight in how the sound effects are built, as it plays them at a much slower rate, so that you can here the individual notes... which, when running at normal speed, sound like explosions, etc.

Title: Invaders Revenge

Author: Ken Kalish

Publisher: Med Systems/Screenplay

Released: 1982

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM, tape or disk.


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