Galactic Fighter

Galactic Fighter Intro screen (hacked) Galactic Fighter Intro screen 2
Galactic Fighter intro/credits screen (hacked) and instructions part 1.
Galactic Fighter Intro screen 3 Galactic Fighter Intro screen 4
Galactic Fighter instruction screens parts 2-3.
Galactic Fighter Intro screen 5 Galactic Fighter game screen - level 1
Galactic Fighter intruction screen part 4 and level 1 game play screen.
Galactic Fighter hyperspace - between levels Galactic Fighter level 2 game screen
Galactic Fighter game screens - hyperspace between levels, and the laser trench (level 2).

Galactic Fighter is an arcade style game, with one flying throught space being attacked by aliens, missiles, and meteors/asteroids. After awhile, you go through hyperspace and into a laser trench, where more aliens attack. You also have two smart bombs that will blow up all of your opponents on the screen. The game is somewhat unique in that the first level is done sideways (similiar to Defender), but the trench levels are done in a 3-D style. After going through hyperspace, your ship actually turns around to go into the trench. I believe that this is the first commercial game that Kevin Hoare did, before he started selling through Diecom Products.

Title: Galactic Fighter

Author: Kevin Hoare

Publisher: Four Star Software

Released: 1984

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, tape or disk, joystick.

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