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Arex Levels 1 and 2

Arex Level 3

Arex Level 3

Arex is a combination arcade/strategy game, with a VERY loose base on the popular arcade game QIX. You have a ship that leaves a trail of squares behind it, and you have to fill in a certain percentage of the screen to continue on to the next one. If you sit in one spot too long, a chain reaction starts from your original starting position, following your path until it catches up with your ship and kills you. Since you can not cross your own path (or any brick-style obstacles in the maze itself on later levels), you can trap yourself into such a position quite easily. You also have another creature that is in the maze to start with; if you hit it while it is still in it's original form, you can kill it off so you don't have to worry about it. On the other hand, if you let it go (or can't catch it) before a certain amount of time passes, it will change into an indestructable missile that all you can do with is avoid (as seen in the above screenshot). Later levels have a bunch of bricks already out in the playing field, creating a maze that makes it more and more difficult to manouevre just right so that you don't trap yourself.

Arex was programmed by Roger Schrag of Edtasm+ patch to disk fame, and published by Adventure International (publisher of the Scott Adams adventure games, amongst others). It was originally written for the TRS-80 Model I/III, and also ported to the Atari 400/800, as well as the Coco.

Title: Arex

Author: Roger Schrag (original TRS-80 Model I/III version by William Muk)

Publisher: Adventure International

Released: 1983

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM, tape or disk.

Download AREX.BIN.

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