Ringquest Intro screen Ringquest game screen
Ringquest Intro and game screens
Ringquest game end screen
Ringquest game end Screen

Ringquest was my entry into the 2nd Rainbow magazine Adventure games contest (1984), and managed to place high enough to get into that contest's book. It is a D&D style text adventure game written in Extended BASIC, with graphical representations of the rooms, objects and monsters. I really should rewrite this some day. I have included my original "manual" that I sent to Rainbow; their book version had completely different documentation than I had submitted. I should note that the game is somewhat randomized, and not always be possible to win, but if you figure out the correct room order to go in (weaker monsters first), it becomes easier.

Title: Ringquest

Author: L. Curtis Boyle (dungeon map co-created by L. Curtis Boyle and Richard Allan Smith)

Publisher: Rainbow Magazine

Released: Written 1984, released 1985

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM Extended BASIC.

Download CURTISBOYLE.ZIP (contains curtisboyle.dsk image, with both Ringquest and Olympic Decathlon).

Download the original instruction manual I submitted to Rainbow (PDF). NOTE: The judges notes part of it has gone missing over the years.

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