Gridiron Strategy

Gridiron Strategy intro screenshot Gridiron Strategy game screenshot
Gridiron Strategy intro and game screens

Gridiron Strategy is basically a text and turn based Football simulation (similiar to C-Hawk Football), but with the graphics and gameplay options greatly enhanced (including drawing the field, etc.). Gridiron Strategy features a variety of options for setting up the game (1 or 2 players, opponent team names, minutes / quarter, etc.), and multiple, selectable plays for both offense and defense.
Even though the game is loaded like an ML program, I believe it is actually written in Coco 3 BASIC.

Title: Gridiron Strategy

Author: Jim Nunke

Publisher: Sportsware

Released: Early 1988 (written 1987)

Requires: Color Computer 3 ONLY, 128K RAM, tape or disk.

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