Death Trap

Death Trap Intro Screen #1 Death Trap Intro Screen #2

Death Trap intro screens
Deathtrap game screen Small part of Death Trap maze

Death Trap game screen, and a small part of the maze

Deathtrap full maze

The full maze for Deathtrap

Death Trap is an original game by The Rugby Circle, that is a bit of a different twist on your average tank game. Rather than actually being able to shoot things, you have to wander through a HUGE maze, scoring points, collecting fuel and free tanks, avoiding death traps, and other special mines. While doing this, you can not stay still for too long, or a pulsating square (which constantly tracks you throughout the maze) will track you down and kill you. You CAN outrun it, but it can take shortcuts through walls. You can also avoid it by hitting a Hyperspace ('H') and warping to elsewhere in the maze. There also 'super point' mines (which look like astericks), and mystery mines, which could be any other type of mine when you actually hit them (they look like a question mark). A very involving game that can give you a complete feeling of helplessness when you run out of fuel, and can just wait for the pulsating square to kill you. Small update - a viewer has stated that you can win the game by collecting 4 diamonds.

Title: Death Trap

Authors: Robert Lech &Troy Dahlman (The Rugby Circle Inc.)

Publisher: Soft Sector Marketing

Released: 1983

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM cassette, 32K RAM disk, joystick.


The full maze for Deathtrap

BONUS! Many thanks for Marc Dupont, who has graciously provided a second full map, except this one shows all the objects on the map at the start of the game, as well as the full map (the colors of the object dots corresponds to the color of the characters on the right hand side):

Deathtrap full maze - with objects

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