Voyager intro screen Voyager game screen
Voyager intro and game screens

Voyager is a 3-dimensional, graphical, maze game type shoot-em-up game. Unlike most of the 'escape from the maze' 3-D games that were written in Extended BASIC at the time, this one offered a 4 level, 144 location maze in which one has to clean out a spaceship infested with killer robots. The ultimate goal is to arm the space ship to self destruct, and then get off of it before it does blow up. It allowed switching from the 3-D view shown above to a floor map as well.

Of special note is that this is the first Coco game that Avalon Hill every released.

Title: Voyager

Author: William Volk

Publisher: Avalon Hill

Released: Late 1981 (advertised in January, 1982 catalog)

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM Extended BASIC, cassette or disk.

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