Warrior King

Warrior King intro screen 1 Warrior King intro screen 2
Warrior King Intro screens
Warrior King intro screen 3 Warrior King level 1 game screen
Warrior King intro screen #3 and Level 1 game screen. Other levels will come later.

Warrior King is a clone of the arcade game Rastan. It was one of the first Sundog games made for the Coco 3, and features 320x200x16 color graphics and some digital sound effects. The game play is not as colorful or smooth as the original arcade, but the game has multiple levels, different weapons and monsters, and special terrain that can be a hinderance or a help. The ultimate goal is to recover Rastann's (your character's name) crown from the evil forces that stole it. You have three lives, and a heart monitor shows how much damage your current life has. The game is very fussy with things like jumps; you have to make sure you are on the right step of your walk to jump to where exactly you want to jump.

Title: Warrior King

Author: Glen R. Dahlgren

Publisher: Sundog Systems

Released: 1988

Requires: Color Computer 3 with 128K RAM, disk only, joystick.

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