Audio Spectrum Analyzer

Audio Spectrum Analyzer Intro Audio Spectrum Analyzer regular screen

Audio Spectrum Analyzer is a ROM cartridge that allowed one to play audio cassettes through the cassette port, while displaying the equivalent of an EQ based on the sound coming through. While not technically a game, it did have some 'entertainment' modes to it, such as a kaleidiscope mode that followed the music, which is why I am including it here. It was, I believe, Steve Bjork's first program that was sold through Radio Shack, except for possibly Popcorn.

Title: Audio Spectrum Analyzer

Author: Steve Bjork

Publisher: Radio Shack (Datasoft)

Released: 1981

Requires: Color Computer 1,2, 4K RAM, cartridge.

Note: This program will not run correctly on a Coco 3, due to the fact that it uses a semi-graphics mode that does not exist on the GIME chip.

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