Erazor intro screen #1 Erazor intro screen #2
Erazor intro screens 1&2
Erazor game screen

Erazor game screen

Erazor is a an original arcade game, where you have man at the top of the screen (that you have no control over), who moves from left to right, and then wraps back to the left side again - while also going down a row at that time. You can fire downwards by hitting the spacebar, and you have to shoot the rows of boulders below. But, each time you miss a boulder (shoot between them), you move down so that if you miss too many times you run into a boulder and you lose a life. Very difficult game from my play testing.
Worthy of note: The author, Tino Delbourgo, was from Tasmania, and sold most of his programs through Australian channels.

Title: Erazor

Author: Tino Delbourgo

Publisher: ???

Released: 198?

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 16K RAM.

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