Outhouse intro screen #1 Outhouse intro screen #2
Outhouse intro screens 1 and 2.
Outhouse intro screen #3 Outhouse game screen
Outhouse intro screen 3 and game screen.

Outhouse is an original arcade game with a bizarre premise: You are a UFO, and you have to protect your outhouse (and your toilet paper supply) from other UFO's, and humans who try to, er, 'use your facilities'. The game is hilarious, and quite fun (and hard, on later levels) to play. Two different kinds of humans try to enter your outhouse: the Thief, who saunters in, but then drags toilet paper out that gets stuck in his pants, and the squatter, who REALLY has to go, so he walks funny, goes into the outhouse, uses 50 sheets in one shot, and then exits. You also have smart bombs, which destroy everything on the screen (which you will need on higher levels). You don't see original games like this anymore...

This game is actually a port of the original Outhouse that J. Weaver did for the TRS-80 Model I/III earlier, through Soft Sector Marketing. Larry Ashmun helped do a lot of the porting; and the game was originally going to be marketed through the same company... except, it started going belly-up right around the time the game was finished.

Title: Outhouse

Author: J. Weaver Jr. (Factory Programming) and Larry Ashmun (uncredited)

Publisher: Computer Shack (later Michtron)

Released: 1983

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, cassette or disk, joystick optional.


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