Temple of ROM

Temple of ROM intro screen Temple of ROM game screen
Temple of ROM intro and game screens.

Temple of ROM is a arcade/adventure game in which you are collecting treasures, and battling monsters, in a LARGE, scrolling maze. In some ways, it resembles the Atari 2600 classic cartridge Adventure, but only loosely. A rather neat story about the programming of this game: it was actually programmed on a cassette only system, using the EDTASM+ cartridge assembler.
There is a also hidden "cheat": if you hold the button down long enough, you can walk through walls. Rick points out that this doesn't help you as much as one might think, though.

Title: Temple of ROM

Author: Rick Adams

Publisher: Radio Shack/Tandy

Released: 1982

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 4K RAM, cartridge, joystick.

The full maze for Temple of ROM

Download RICKADAMS_DSK.ZIP. This DSK image contains Temple of ROM.

Download the manual.

BONUS! Many thanks for Marc Dupont, who has graciously provided the full map for the game, and Rick Adams, who has annotated it with some extra descriptions and commentary:

Temple of ROM full maze - with objects

BONUS #2! Marc Dupont, has provided an updated full map for the game, which now includes the positions of all the objects/treasures:

Temple of ROM full maze - with objects

BONUS #3: Click here to see an interview with the author of Temple of ROM, Rick Adams, along with other guests!

NOTE: Rick had an unreleased game (Bomb Threat) that he also did in the 1980's. While it was never sold or published, he did give copies to some friends at the time... If any of you reading this has a copy, please email me a copy, and I will forward it to Rick. (Rick would like to make it available for download as well).

UPDATE:Since a copy of Bomb Threat has not turned up, but Rick did find a video of game play, he has started manually rewriting the game from scratch, his first "new" Coco project in decades!

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