Lansford Mansion

Lansford Mansion title Screen (Cracked) Lansford Mansion intro screen 2 (Cracked)
Lansford Mansion intro screens (hacked) - if you have clean versions of these, please email me
Lansford Mansion game screen - without graphics

Lansford Mansion game screen with graphics off

Lansford Mansion is a graphical adventure game, sold through Diecom Products. It is a standard 2 word parser adventure game, but had a unique feature: By pressing a particular key, one could turn the graphics (at the top of the screen) on or off, revealing the room contents and description. The object of the game is quite simple; collect treasures. The game also allows you to save and reload your games, and it has support for the Speech/Sound pak as well (and the Super Voice speech pack, looking at the code).
The 3 principal people involved in this game all eventually coded more games for Diecom, either with each other, with Dave, or on their own.

Title: Lansford Mansion

Author: Dave Shewchun and Roland Knight (graphics by Kevin Hoare)

Publisher: Diecom Products

Released: 1987

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 64K RAM, disk.

Download LANSFORDMANSION.ZIP. This contains two DSK images. Boot off of the first one by typing LOADM "LANSFORD", and then switch the disk in drive 0 when prompted.

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