Droid War

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Droid War intro screens
Droid War game screen

Droid War game screen

Droid War is two player only arcade very loosely based on the old Boot Hill game from the arcades in the 1970's. This one takes place in the future, and each player controls a ship that they can only move up and down on their side of the playing field. You also have a moving, destructible barrier between both of you. Behind each player is their droids (8 of them at the start), that you have to protect. There is a wall between them and the main playfield as well, that is also destructible, but does not move. Your goal is kill all 8 of your opponents droids before they kill yours. One interesting play mechanic is that the 2 main ships that the players control cannot shoot each other; only the moving and static walls, and the droids. The game features good sound effects, 9 different speeds, and looks good running in Semigraphics-24. Since there is no text on the screen, you can get this to work on the Coco 3: After LOADMing it, type: POKE &HFF9C,10:EXEC.
While I am not sure, I believe that this game was originally released on the Dragon 32.

Title: Droid War

Author: ???

Publisher: Public Domain (?)

Released: ????

Requires: Color Computer 1/2 ONLY, 16K RAM, cassette or disk, 2 joysticks.

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