War Kings

War Kings intro screen War Kings game screen

War Kings is a clone of the arcade game Warlords. It was one of the very first machine language games put out by Tom Mix Software, coming out in very early 1982. It is similiar in game play to Tandy's Castle Guard, although simpler. The premise of the game is to use you're movable shield to deflect a bouncing ball (ala Breakout), and try to destroy your opponent's castle walls, and kill the king inside. This game is two players only; there is no option for a computer player. It had 3 speed level settings, and one interesting twist: once the ball breaks into a castle, the king inside is still protected by his shield, should the ball happen to bounce off of it...

Title: War Kings

Author: Charles J. Roslund

Publisher: Tom Mix Software

Released: early 1982

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM, cassette or disk, 2 joysticks.

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