Space Zapper

Space Zapper intro screen Space Zapper game screen
Space Zapper intro and game screen.

Space Zapper is a clone of the arcade game Space Zap. Unlike the Spectral Associates version called Color Zap, this version is written completely in Extended BASIC. Yet, it plays just as fast, and actually has better drawn opponents, then the Spectral machine language version (the sound routines aren't quite as good, and you can't overheat your base, as you can in the Spectral version, though). You are the base in the center, and must defend yourself from aliens coming at you from four sides, firing at you. Every so often, you get another alien craft after you that circles on the outside... if you don't destroy him in time, he will destroy you. This version also uses the keyboard... no joystick is required. I am not sure who wrote this game.

Title: Space Zapper

Author: ???

Publisher: Aardvark-80

Released: Early 1982

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM Extended BASIC, cassette or disk.

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