Arena of Skill

Arena of Skill intro screen Arena of Skill game screen
Arena of Skill intro and game screens
Arena of Skill stats screen Arena of Skill challenge screen
Arena of Skill stats and challenge game screens

Arena of Skill is a Coco 3 arcade/D&D style game that was released as freeware in 1988 for the Coco 3 only. In the game, you build a character, with various physical characteristics, and then build up his/her's weapons and armor. Using hit points similiar to D&D, and also adding potions to the mix, you have to battle various challengers, gaining experience, strength, and money, so that you can afford to improve your characters weapons and armor. It also allows you to save multiple characters that you can choose from each time you play. In the actual battles, you use the joystick to combat your opponent. You can also create your own monsters to fight against.

Title: Arena of Skill

Author: Chuck Nivison

Publisher: Freeware/Shareware

Released: 1988

Requires: Color Computer 3, 128K RAM, disk, joystick.

Download ARENA.ARC

NOTE: You will need TC3.BIN, or ARCHIVE.BIN, to unarc this file in RSDOS. A longer route would be to use UNTC under OS-9/NitrOS9, and then use RSDOS to copy all of the files to an RSDOS disk.

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