Space War (Rich Natili)

Space War intro screen Space War game screen
Space War intro and game screens.

Space War is a port of the original Spacewar! two player game, originally done in 1961/1962 on mini-computers, and then as a vector arcade games in 1977 (with versions by both Cinematronics and Vectorbeam) . It is a two player only game, featuring keyboard controls for both, similar to the arcade originals. It pits the two player's spaceships against each other, and also has the heavy gravity star in the middle that sucks the players ships closer to it the closer to it one gets, making flying having inertia, gravity and obviously changing the player's tactics.
I believe that Rich did this more like a transcode of the original game, rather than a clean room port. One really cool thing in this version is that the star field background is all real constellations that you can see in the sky, and proportionally pretty well exact, which the original arcade versions did as well.

Title: Space War

Author: Rich Natili

Publisher: Rich Natili

Released: 2021

Requires: Color Computer 1/2/3, 16K RAM.

Download here.

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