Tandy (TRS-80) Color Computer Games - Publisher's Index

This index lists games by software publisher, in alphabetical order. Some games will be listed multiple times, if the game was sold by more than one company, or licensed to other companies.

Image Producers

Bingo Math (Coco 1/2/3)
Castle Guard (Coco 1/2/3)
Color Robot Battle (Coco 1/2/3)
Crosswords (Coco 1/2/3)
Galactic Attack (Coco 1/2/3)
Monster Maze (Coco 1/2/3)
Roman Checkers (Coco 1/2/3)
Space Assault (Coco 1/2/3)
Super Bustout (Coco 1/2/3)
Wildcatting (Coco 1/2/3)
Video Pinball (Coco 1/2/3)

More to come...