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Qiks intro screens
Qiks game screen

Qiks game screen

Qiks is a clone of the arcade hit Qix. This version is the closest to the original in terms of appearance and game play... closer than Tom Mix Software's Quix, although both are quite good. The author, Ryan Olsen, also did Devious for Spectral. The object of the game is to 'paint' in as much of the screen as possible by drawing lines, and avoiding the QIKS, which is the set of bouncing, multi-colored lines that travels around the screen (much like an earlier, and popular, screen-saver). You also have other creatures that try to kill you if you stay in place too long.

Title: Qiks

Author: Ryan Olsen

Publisher: Spectral Associates

Released: 1984

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, tape or disk, joystick.

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