Olympic Decathlon

Olympic Decathlon Intro screen Olympic Decathlon Intro screen #2
Olympic Decathlon Intro screens
Olympic Decathlon game screen #1 Olympic Decathlon game screen #2
Olympic Decathlon game screens 1 and 2
Olympic Decathlon game screen #3
Olympic Decathlon game screen 3. Other screens will come later.

Olympic Decathlon was my entry into the 2nd Rainbow magazine Simulations games contest (1985), and managed to place high enough to get into that contest's book. It is loosely based on the arcade game Track and Field (or Hyper Olympics outside the U.S.), and featured my first try at making a machine language subroutine (to scroll the ground at the bottom when needed). I didn't know (at the time) how to check if the disk controller was plugged in or not, so I made two versions: OLYMPICS.BAS was the disk friendly version, and OLYMPICC.BAS was the cassette one.
I had all 10 events in the simulation/game, and unlike the arcade (or other Coco versions), I had alternating keys for running, to simulate left foot/right foot... if you hit the same foot twice in a row, you didn't move. I had no idea how to get smooth arcs, etc. for long jump, etc. so I faked my way around them as best as I could. I should really fix this game up, making one version for both disk and cassette, and optimize it.
NOTE: The INKEY$ routine change in later versions of the Coco 1 and Coco 2, and the game became pretty well impossible on some of those later versions because it didn't scan the keys fast enough (I can't remember if this started on COLOR BASIC 1.2 or 1.3). So, you may want to adjust the times/lengths to qualify if you are running machines with the later ROM (if you have Extended and/or Disk BASIC, do a EXEC 41175 to find out what version you have). This game is definitely a button masher, as was the arcade original.

Title: Olympic Decathlon

Author: L. Curtis Boyle

Publisher: Rainbow Magazine

Released: Written late 1984, released 1986

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM Extended BASIC.

Download CURTISBOYLE.ZIP (contains curtisboyle.dsk image, with both versions of Olympic Decathlon, and Ringquest).

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