Decathlon (Spectral Associates)

Decathlon Intro Decathlon Intro 2

Decathlon intro screens
Decathlon 100 Meter dash Decathlon Long Jump

100 Meter dash and Long Jump
Decathlon Shot Put Decathlon High Jump

Shot Put and High Jump
Decathlon 400 Meters Decathlon 110 Meter Hurdles

400 Meters and 110 Meter Hurdles
Decathlon Discus Decathlon Pole Vault

Discus and Pole Vault. The last two events are the Javelin, and 1500 Meter

Decathlon is a keyboard operated game where you have to try and get through all 10 events of the Decathlon. You also have a 'standard clock timing' (shown as the orange bar in the blue railing at the top of the running events) that you compete against. You must beat certain stock times in order to qualify for the next events, and you can also compete against other human players. Some innovations that this game had is: A) the ability to save and load high scores from tape, and B) that you could pick your country of origin (Canada, United Kingdom, or USA). If you managed to complete all 10 events, you get a short version of your countries national anthem.

The game and game play itself is loosely based on Track and Field (Hyper Olympics) from the arcade, although those games only had 5 events.

Title: Decathlon

Author: Richard Borsheim

Publisher: Spectral Associates

Released: 1984

Requires: Color Computer 1,2,3, 32K RAM, cassette or disk.

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